No More Rain



WoundTight – An award winning Bluegrass band led by brothers Chris and Ray “Mike” Martin. WoundTight’s unique sound brings forth innovative and sophisticated renderings of their traditional bluegrass roots. Since 2013, their energetic bluegrass style has captured the attention of fans and judges alike, establishing a name for themselves for playing great straight up traditional bluegrass, gospel bluegrass, and classic country tunes with a bluegrass twist. On this CD, WoundTight adds their own innovative original material.

  1. No More Rain Wound Tight Buy 3:48
  2. Wound Tight Wound Tight Buy 2:08
  3. Picture in a tear Wound Tight Buy 2:48
  4. Sad goodbye Wound Tight Buy 3:28
  5. Road to glory Wound Tight Buy 3:04
  6. Helping hand Wound Tight Buy 3:31
  7. One tear Wound Tight Buy 2:44
  8. I've got more to go to heaven for Wound Tight Buy 2:21
  9. Rough edges Wound Tight Buy 2:08
  10. I'm so afraid of losing you again Wound Tight Buy 3:24
  11. Voice Of My Savior Wound Tight Buy 3:12
  12. I Beg You Little Darling Not To Cry Wound Tight Buy 2:47


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